Friday, November 5, 2010

LibFu (Library Future) Discussion

November 1-5th the (LibFu) website is hosting the first in a series of Post-NEXT Symposium discussions related to the future of libraries.

This week's discussion question is general: "What about the future makes you scared?"

Clive Maishment, CEO of The Alberta Library, has kicked-off the discussion by providing the first response. Join the conversation and tell us what about the future makes you scared:

Last week, The Alberta Library released the questions used at the NEXT Symposium to foster open discussion and create innovative thinking about the future. The first two sets of questions

Each week, LibFu will feature one question from the growing list for community discussion. LibFu members can contribute their own "Big Picture" questions for discussion and vote is called each week to determine which question will be feature the following week.
have been posted on the LibFu website, and more will follow.