Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Library Association of Alberta Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The Library Association of Alberta strengthens the library community in Alberta by effectively providing responsive member services, advocating for libraries and cooperating with partners.

Contribute to your profession by becoming a Board member of the Library Association of Alberta! You will have an opportunity to influence the direction of the Board and the Association as you work with others to improve the state of libraries in Alberta. You will become familiar with issues affecting libraries of all types. On a personal level, you get to make new friends and contacts.

Yes, there is a time commitment if you become a Board member. LAA holds four day-long meetings a year, plus a shorter one held at the Alberta Library Conference. Board members chair and participate on the Association’s committees, such as: Continuing Education, Member Services, Intellectual Freedom and Advocacy. The work accomplished by these committees benefits the Alberta library community.

This year, there are four positions available:
· First Vice President/President Elect,
· Treasurer, and
· two Director positions

Brief job descriptions for these positions are included on the attached information sheet. If you need more information, please contact one of the current Board members. For the list of current Board members, click here.

If you believe in promoting library and information services in Alberta, we encourage you to become involved on the LAA Board. The deadline for receipt of nominations is January 15, 2011.