Friday, January 21, 2011

ACRL Science & Technology section call for Poster Proposals for ALA Annual 2011

Call for Poster Proposals: ACRL Science and Technology Section (ACRL-STS), ALA Annual Conference, New Orleans, 2011.

The ACRL STS Research Committee and STS Program Planning Committee invite proposals for posters to be exhibited during the STS program reception at the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. Posters will be displayed from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 27, 2010, immediately following the STS program, which starts at 8:30 a.m. All proposers for accepted posters must be present to answer questions. The poster session is an opportunity for new ideas and innovations to be presented to a broad audience.

We encourage proposals for posters relating to the following program theme: "Innovation in an age of Limits"

While the tendency in hard economic times is to be conservative and avoid risks, this environment creates the need, and opportunities, to innovate. STS began 50 years ago in an era of seemingly unlimited possibilities, with the Cold War driving investment in scientific research, big technology, and higher education. Now we face grand challenges in science, engineering and library services. Current economic conditions are limiting, but our only real limit is our ability to innovate.

Expanding on that theme, we believe that advances in information access have significantly impacted innovation in the library world and beyond, and that some of those innovations have in turn advanced information access. What do you see on the horizon in both of those directions in the future? For example:

1) In what ways and in what fields do you see advances in information access having the most significant impact in the next X number of years?
2) What innovations will have the greatest impact on access to information in that same X number of years?
3) What roles will a) academic libraries and b) the economic climate play in any of the above?
Posters that more broadly discuss innovations in science and technology librarianship are also welcome. New posters and posters that have been or will be displayed at other venues are encouraged"

To be part of this program of the Science and Technology Section of ACRL, submit your poster ideas by Tuesday February 15, 2011.. (Deadline extended)

Poster proposals should be:
Well written, clear, logical and well organized (250 words or less).
Original, timely and relevant to science/technology librarianship.
Contribute to the advancement of science librarianship.
Develop ideas, offer significant conclusions, and provide useful and practical findings.
Appeal to and engage the audience, providing opportunities for discussion and interaction.
Provide a good visual description of the project.
Special attention will be given to proposals that:
Relate to this year's theme.
Generate ideas or report on work that contributes to an ongoing discussion about the future of science and technology librarianship.
Demonstrate innovative thinking.
Contribute ideas for positioning science and technology librarians to be leaders both on and off campus.
Present strategies for effectively implementing new ideas.

Examples of last year’s posters can be found at this url:

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Tuesday February 15, 2011. Review of submissions will begin immediately.

Poster proposals (250 words or less) should be submitted via e-mail to:
Andrew Stuart, Co-Chair of the STS Research Committee, .

Be sure to include your name, institution, phone, fax, e-mail address, and poster title. We do not accept proposals from vendors. Please include Poster Proposal ACRL-STS in the subject line of your email.