Friday, January 28, 2011

Scholarship, Learning and the Digital Video Game

The University of Calgary Library is hosting a symposium February 23rd - 25th (Scholarship, Learning and the Digital Video Game). On the 25th we will focus our afternoon on Digital Games and Libraries a Three Session Series: Collection, Description and Access.

This series, hosted by library staff who are currently working hands on to acquire, describe and deal with the technical challenges associated with this collection, has 3 parts:

Sessions 1 will focus on the basic rational for a digital game and related media collection as well as the selection and acquisition of materials
Session 2 will look at the cataloguing and description of games, consoles, peripheral devices and related items
Session 3 will focus on access and related services, looking at what sort of services are necessary to have in place to ensure a digital game collection is fully utilized.

Each of these three sessions will feature a mix of presentation, discussion and hands on activity. Participants will come away with a deeper understanding of the relevant issues surrounding these collections, the practical knowledge to start dealing with them, and people to go to for help if they should have questions.

Below is the link to our current symposium blog where you can find registration information and a list of our presenters. Deadline for registration is Feb. 7th.

For more information contact:
Jerremie Clyde (
Centre for Arts and Culture: Games and Related Media
Taylor Family Digital Library, University of Calgary


Leeanne Morrow
Head, Instruction and Reference Services
Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary
Phone: 403.220.8953
Office: 160D, Taylor Family Digital Library