Monday, February 28, 2011

TALES Youth Storytelling Scholarship – Call for applications

TALES, The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling is pleased to
announce the launch of the TALES Youth Storytelling Scholarship. Each
year, TALES holds its annual retreat in a location conducive to
meeting and mingling with peers and mentors, story development, and
above all the sharing of story magic in both its raw and polished
form. In 2011 our retreat will be held at Sylvan Lake, where we will
Celebrate Cultural Connections in Storytelling! from the evening of
Friday, April 29 to lunchtime, Sunday, May 1.

There will be two workshops:

1. Yellow Ribbon Dancers, a cultural experience and dance performance
that will forever be in your memory. The workshop will be interactive
and fun for people of all ages.

2. The second workshop is Rotten Calf Skin: Sagas in the Icelandic
Tradition, with a background session to prepare us to share the
telling of an Icelandic Epic at the TALES Retreat of 2012. (Epic tale
yet to be chosen) Facilitator and Storyteller Karen Gummo will
introduce and give an overview of the story with some background
information about Snorri Sturlusson.

There will also be a discussion group, a “walk ‘n’ wonder, and two
story circles where all are invited to participate in the story circle
as tellers and/or listeners. Share a short story about a traditional
food of your family or culture.

The winner of the TALES Youth Storytelling Scholarship will receive:

• a one-year membership in TALES
• free admission to attend the 2011 weekend retreat at Sylvan Lake
• an established storyteller to act as a mentor to provide guidance
and support in getting started as a storyteller

For more information see the TALES website (