Monday, July 25, 2011

Netspeed 2011 Conference - Calgary

One of the constants in today’s society is that technology is continually changing. Alberta libraries have always embraced change and the opportunities presented by new technologies. Netspeed 2011 is your opportunity to get up to speed on the emerging technology issues facing libraries today.


Lending games and game systems may stretch the boundaries of library acquisitions and cataloguing, but gaming also offers opportunities to build relationships with new library users and expand programming. Come learn about some of the things you need to consider when incorporating games into your library.

Community engagement

We’re all looking for ways to engage our community and many of this year’s sessions have great ideas that can help you do just that. Web-based tools teens can use to create graphic novels, delivery of information services via text messaging, room bookings using mobile technology and use of video cameras and MP3 players to enhance the customer experience are just a few of the fascinating topics we have lined up for you.


When it comes to e-books, libraries must address a multitude of factors such as licensing, multiple platforms and devices, whether to lend e-readers with pre-loaded titles, promoting e-book use to a variety of populations, staff training, and circulation logistics. Our sessions will help you explore many of the issues related to e-books so that you can develop workable solutions for your library.

In addition to these emerging issues, Netspeed offers sessions on search engines, virtual library services, digital preservation, wikis, assistive technology and more!

Embrace this opportunity to learn about new technologies and register for Netspeed 2011. For conference updates visit our blog and view the most current program on the Netspeed website.