Friday, July 22, 2011

T.A.L.E.S. - 2 Professional Development Workshops

T.A.L.E.S. Alberta (The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling) is hosting 2 Professional Development Workshops on the September 2011 long weekend.

These workshops are part of the 23rd Annual TALES Fort Edmonton Park Storytelling Festival -- "River of Dreams"

Location of workshops - Reed’s Tearoom at Fort Edmonton Park, Edmonton, Alberta

Sean Buvala (from Arizona U.S.A.) will lead both workshops.

Sunday Sept. 4th, 2011-- 8:30am gathering / Workshop 9:00am-Noon
Workshop is “Fidget, Flicker, Finesse: Improve Your Storytelling With Focused Gestures and Movement”

This workshop has been created to benefit storytellers and speakers of all levels of experience. It is excellent for both adult and youth storytellers.

You paint pictures in your audience's imagination with the brush strokes of your gestures and movements. Learn to master gestures and "where you are in the story" to improve your storytelling. Experience "Intentionality", "Three Consonants", "Heavy Hands" and more. This is an active, "never bored" workshop. You will leave this workshop with new skills that you can use immediately at your next presentation to "wow!" your audience.

At the end of this session, storytellers will be able:
1. To understand the role of body language, movement and emotional presence in storytelling.
2. To define and utilize the concepts of stage space, object location and personal placement.
3. To develop personal characterizations based on gesture and spatial location and present that for the group.
4. Explore and experience techniques to correct common problem areas with gestures and movement

Monday Sept. 5th, 2011-- 8:30am gathering / Workshop 9:00am-Noon
Workshop is “The Five Keys to Energize Your Artist Marketing”

This workshop is intended for artists who derive (or want to derive) any part of their income from their storytelling work.
* This marketing workshop is also of value to working Artists of all genres!

You must promote your work to survive! Marketing is not a dirty word! In our session, you will experience the five essential tools for marketing your artistry. From "quick fire" to "social media" you will start to develop your niche plan in a time where the old marketing rules almost never apply. Then, work together with your peers to create a sample of one or more of the tools taught.

By the end of this session, storytellers will:
1. Experience the need to be always ready to market their work.
2. Learn how marketing is relationship focused and not sales focused.
3. Begin to identify their specific niche.
4. Identify and experience the five main marketing tools for artists.
5. Experience creating one of these tools in a small group.

Advance Registration--A Special Offer to Library Staff

: Receive the T.A.L.E.S. Membership rate of $40.00 each per workshop or both workshops for $75.00 per registrant.
Additional discount offer to Library Staff

: If 5 or more registrants are from one Library System,
there is a reduced price of $5.00 less per workshop for each registrant & therefore a rate of $35.00 each per workshop or both workshops for $70.00.

Registration includes:

1) workshop(s), 2) a free lunch after the workshop(s) - (if your registration is completed by Aug, 19, 2011) and 3) admission to the Fort Edmonton Park grounds for a wonderful afternoon of storytelling.
---FOR WALK-IN REGISTRANTS ADD $5.00 / workshop.

---Upon early registration, invoices can be sent out in advance, when requested.


T.A.L.E.S. Edmonton email @ or phone 780-932-4409.
Learn more about our 2 day storytelling festival by visiting the TALES website. Google --T.A.L.E.S. Alberta and view the heading Festivals for more details about the Sun./Mon. morning workshops...Sun./ Mon. (1-5pm) afternoon storytelling sets at 4 venues on the Fort Edmonton Park grounds...the Sunday evening concert at Egge's Barn...and even a story swap Monday afternoon.

We look forward to meeting you at the festival!!


Debbie Woiken

Festival committee member

T.A.L.E.S. The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling has operated since 1982 as a non-profit organization promoting the tradition of oral storytelling. We are storytellers, story listeners, writers, interpreters, speakers, entrepreneurs, teachers, curators, librarians, ministers, educators, and parents - anyone who celebrates the art of storytelling! The focus of our work as an organization is to advance education by raising the aesthetic taste of the community through public performances, presentations and workshops in the art of storytelling.