Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mikai’sto Foundation Fundraising Gala

Mikai’sto Foundation is pleased to announce it will be holding a gala for a new Learner’s Resource Centre/ Campus Facility for Red Crow Community College. Mikai’sto Foundation was established as the fundraising arm of RCCC.

As part of its fund raising and promoting activities for a new Learner’s Resource Centre/Campus Facility Mikai’sto Foundation will be holding its second gala event on March 16, 2012 in Lethbridge, Alberta. The gala will feature First Nations entertainers - contemporary and traditional. Headliners for the event are: Asani, a First Nations awarding winning trio from the Edmonton area; Armond Duck Chief, an up and coming country singer from Siksika, Alberta; J.J. First Charger Junior Hoop Dancers from the Blood Reserve and Carmen Callihou a First Nations Comedian also from Edmonton, Alberta. Completing the musical lineup are entertainers from the Blood Reserve: the Dexter Bruised Head Family, Carrie and Jessica Goodstriker, Martin Heavy Head, Jr. and Tsuwaki Marule who will sing O Canada in Blackfoot.

Red Crow Community College was established as a First Nations educational institute in 1986. The college started as an adult education centre, which offered curriculum courses of two high school courses, University College Educational Preparation Program, one University of Lethbridge course and a study skills component. In the late 1990s, the college established the Kainai Studies department which incorporated uniquely designed courses based upon Blackfoot/Kainai worldviews. Adult upgrading, continuing and community education remain a critical focus of the curriculum. RCCC is accredited by the First Nations’ Accreditation Board, and sponsored into the Alberta Council of Admissions and Transfer, through partnerships with the University of Lethbridge and University of Calgary. RCCC has also developed a fully, functional academic library with over 15,000 items in its collection focusing on First Nations and Native American titles and a Blackfoot special collection. The Resource Centre has also attained membership to numerous library associations in Canada and the USA.

In its 25 year history RCCC has developed from a few courses into a complete post-secondary institute focusing on adult education with courses in Life Skills, Basic Skills, Academic Upgrading, Arts & Science courses, Kainai Studies and partners with other institutes to provide diploma, degree and graduate programs. Our current facilities do not meet our needs. The main campus is located in an old residential school built in 1925.

There are two campuses one on the Blood Reserve and a Satellite Campus located in Lethbridge. There are about 300 students enrolled in its programs. The first fundraising gala event was held in November 2008 in Calgary, Alberta and featured well known environmentalist David Suzuki.

For more information contact Francis First Charger, CEO Mikai’sto Foundation @ 403-737-2400, Ext. 221, email: firstchg@telus.net or Mary Weasel Fat, RCCC Library Coordinator @403-737-2400, Ext. 265, email: mary.weaselfat@gmail.com.