Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Edmonton PLG: Call for course material for Rise with the Ranks workshop

The Edmonton chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) is hosting an intensive,
two-day workshop for information workers in July, 2013 entitled Rise with the Ranks.

The Rise with the Ranks Workshop is predicated on the principle that library and
information workers should not strive to rise from the ranks but rather rise with the ranks,
to paraphrase Eugene Debs. We believe that cooperative, non-hierarchical methods
of organization are essential to the social justice ideals embraced by our profession.
Therefore, the purpose of the Rise with the Ranks Workshop is to:
  • provide a counter to hierarchical, business models of management within the library and information industry;
  • equip participants with the skills and tools needed to affect meaningful change within the industry and wider society;
  • foster a specific worker identity among library and information workers;
  • build a workers’ movement within the library and information industry based on collaboration and solidarity; and
  • encourage the growth of self-management, egalitarianism, and worker empowerment within the library and information industry.
The Edmonton PLG is soliciting submissions for course material suitable for
participatory, workshop settings. Such course material may include workplace/
community organizing, analysis of neo-liberal management models, skill sharing, or
history and theory, among other topics.

For more information or to submit a workshop proposal, please contact the Edmonton
PLG at plg.edmonton@gmail.com. Deadline for submissions is April 26, 2013.

PLG Edmonton online: http://plgedmonton.blogspot.com.
Twitter feed: @PLGedmonton or http://twitter.com/PLGedmonton